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 Firefighters Challenge Coin
The Front of the Coin is divided
Our Duties Saving Life and Property
The Ribbons are held together by a golden chain each link representing a brother
The ribbon at the top reads - "WHEN AT WAR SOLDIERS" for fire combat
The ribbon at the bottom reads = " WHEN AT PEACE FIREFIGHTERS"
We stand ready at a moments notice to serve and bring peace to chaos
Our service is to GOD,FAMILY, and COUNTRY. We place ourselves in Harms way while others flee to safety
Somewhere in a Stairwell Firefighters, reach the Fire Floor.
They know at that point the building is coming down
The message is Radioed � They know they cannot make it out
Seconds count � maybe another brother will make it � if we attack
They fight the Fire � Black Smoke and Steam
When they think there is no hope the hands of an Angel reaches out for them
The top ribbon reads - �NO GREATER GIFT�
The bottom � �A LIFE FOR ANOTHER�
A link in the chain is broken � a brother down- let us never forget our duty to one another
At the service � Brothers all will pass and in the Firefighters Honor � and put our special coin in their place of rest.
Challenge Coin
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